Marin Harper

Campaign Coordinator

Prior to coming to Enroll Indy, Marin obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English Language/Letters and Secondary Education from The University of Tulsa. She then worked as a high school English and reading teacher for five years: four of those years were spent in Oklahoma City, 20 minutes south of Marin’s hometown, Edmond, Oklahoma. It was during this time Marin was able to practice her skills as a leader in the classroom and in the broader school system, serving as a department chair in her school, and as an advocate for her students in the district. She also realized deep inequality separated her childhood education from the one her students were receiving, based solely on their zip code.  The failing school system and budgetary constraints of Oklahoma forced Marin to seek employment outside of her home state, leading her to a charter school in Chicago. Through her experience as a classroom teacher in a traditional and charter school in two different states, Marin realized teaching is only one way to alleviate the inequity of education in America, and began organizing with a grassroots education organization in Chicago. Marin deeply believes families and students deserve the opportunity to choose a school that best fits their specific needs, and not have their options limited based on where they live, or their income.


120 E. Walnut St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204