Giving every child an easier path to their perfect school

I grew up just outside of Indianapolis, and I dreamed of going to New York University for college. I’d wanted to move to New York for as long as I could remember, and I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was accepted to NYU and my dream was finally coming true.

Fast-forward through my freshman year of college, and the experience was very different from what I expected. NYU was a great school, and I was a really good student, but it just wasn’t a match. NYU wasn’t the right school for me and my needs. I left NYU and ended up studying acting at a small theatre program with about 50 students.

Finding a school match used to only apply to selecting a college. But now, families in Indianapolis have an opportunity to choose a K-12 school that meets their child’s unique needs. We have neighborhood schools, magnet schools, charter schools, innovation schools and private schools throughout the city. Families have more choices than they’ve ever had before, but it can be very complicated trying to find a school match that fits. There are different applications, different deadlines, and different requirements for all of these schools. Every family—no matter where they live or how much money they make—deserve the opportunity to find a school match.

That’s where Enroll Indy comes in. Starting in the center of Indianapolis, we’re working with Indianapolis Public Schools, Mayor Joe Hogsett, and the Indiana Charter School Board to bring better information to families looking for schools in Indy. Our vision is that every child finds a school match that meets their unique needs. That might be your neighborhood school down the street, or it might be a specialized magnet school across the city. Our goal is to make the process of finding a school match more equitable, efficient and transparent—both for families and for our school partners.

Beginning this fall, Enroll Indy will host a School Finder, accessible on your computer or smart phone, to help parents navigate all their school options. In addition to our website, we’ll have a free hotline (1-877-88-ENROLL) and an in-person enrollment center where you can get information about schools in Indianapolis. We will help you find a school that works for your family.

I was lucky that my parents supported me when I decided to leave my dream college to find a better school match. All parents deserve to have the same information and opportunities to find the right schools for their children.  Enroll Indy is here to help.

Caitlin Hannon
Executive Director