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Marina Da Re Jara

Bilingual Communications Coordinator

Who is Marina?

Marina, originally from Paraguay, moved to Indianapolis in 2012 after completing her studies in Science.  In Indianapolis, she completed a nationally recognized training for spoken languages, called Bridging the Gap. After the program, she successfully passed a Language Proficiency Assessment in English and foreign languages. Since then, she has worked for several years for LUNA Language Services as a contract interpreter serving the community, acting as a patient advocate and assisting clients with professional development in three foreign languages English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Why do you do this work?

In my role as an interpreter, I frequently had to interface with families in school districts, often in a counseling setting with parents and families of those with limited English proficiency. During these meetings, I was exposed to the overwhelming challenges that foreign families are facing. That experience changed my view and sparked a love for helping others and an unquenchable curiosity regarding the educational system. My desire to help beyond translating led me to Enroll Indy, where I am fascinated by the unquestionable advantage this enrollment process is for diverse families.

Because I have found nothing else that uses my experiences and aptitudes in a way so aligned with my faith, I am thrilled to fulfill my role as a bilingual communication coordinator. It is my belief that human beings have a responsibility to improve the world. For me, this constitutes benefiting others though my skills, background, and ideas. The diversity I personify, paired with the challenges I have overcome, have resulted in keen cultural sensitivity; I am excited to help more families access better opportunities within the educational system in Indianapolis.