Schools 101

image7There are more than 100 schools in Indianapolis. But which school is the right one for your child? Enroll Indy is working hard to make it easier to navigate all your school options. There are many different kinds of schools in our city. Please contact us if you have more questions.

1.What types of schools are there in Indianapolis?

Neighborhood Schools

A neighborhood school is a school that serves all students within a certain boundary. Indianapolis Public Schools guarantees each child admission to his or her neighborhood school. You can find your neighborhood school in the Enroll Indy School Finder by entering your address and selecting your child’s grade. Your neighborhood school will appear in orange.

Choice/Magnet Schools

Choice schools are free public schools of choice that are operated within Indianapolis Public Schools. Choice schools may have a focused theme or special curriculum. Some of these programs might include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Fine and Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate, Career and Technical Education (CTE), World Languages (immersion and non-immersion) and many others. You can filter

Innovation Schools

Innovation Schools are able to operate with the authority to make decisions about all aspects of their school—both academic and operational—and are held accountable by Indianapolis Public Schools for agreed upon student outcomes. The purpose of innovation schools is to allow the district—and schools within the district—the additional flexibility to make decisions based on the specific needs of a school’s student body. Some Innovation Schools are also charter schools.

Public Charter Schools

Charter schools are independently managed, publicly funded schools operating under a “charter” or a contract between the school and authorizor/district, allowing for significant autonomy and flexibility. Currently, all charter schools in Indianapolis are authorized by The Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation or the Indiana Charter School Board.

Private Schools

A private school is a school that typically does not get money from the government and is run privately.  Some of these schools may be religious, but some are not. In Indiana, vouchers allow certain students, based on family income, to have government assistance in paying private school tuition. If you are interested in attending a private school, but you are in need of financial assistance, use this calculator to determine what you might be eligible. We also recommend contacting the private school directly to learn about scholarship opportunities. To find private schools near you, check out MySchoolOptions.

Online/Virtual Schools

Online/Virtual Schools are schools that are operated on the internet and allow children to complete school work from home. Some districts operate their own virtual school programs, and there are other statewide virtual school options as well.

Adult High Schools

Are you or your child 17+ years old and looking to finish your high school diploma? The Excel Centers and Christel House DORS programs allow adults to complete a full high school diploma. If you are interested in these programs, contact the school directly.

2.What if I live outside of Indianapolis Public Schools?

If you live in Indianapolis but outside of the Indianapolis Public Schools’ boundary, you live in a township school district. In order to identify which township you live in, enter your address in the Enroll Indy School Finder, and you will receive a message with a link to your school district.

It is important to note: Indianapolis Public Schools and all charter schools will accept applications from all students, regardless of where they live. Some schools will not offer transportation if you are outside of a certain boundary, but some do. If you are interested in attending a district or charter school within the IPS boundary, contact Enroll Indy or the school directly to learn how to apply and what transportation options are available.

3.What if I live outside of Marion County?

Enroll Indy is not working with districts outside of Marion County yet. If you are interested in attending school within Indianapolis Public Schools or a charter school, continue to use our School Finder to research your options. All schools in the School Finder will accept applications from outside of the district.

4.Can I go to a township school?

The township school districts in Marion County have varying policies about whether they will accept students from outside of their districts. You can get more information by contacting your desired township district directly, or you can call Enroll Indy (1-877-88-ENROLL) and we will help.