What are Enroll Indy’s core values?

The core values that guide our work are:

  1. Empowered Families: We believe families are best suited to select the right schools for their children, and we work to remove barriers, provide families with information, and raise awareness of school options.
  2. Equitable Access: We believe that all families, regardless of race, income, or neighborhood, deserve the opportunity to access quality schools that best fit their children’s needs.
  3. Efficiency: We believe in simplifying the school application and enrollment process in a way that serves both families and schools: one application, one timeline, one match.
  4. Transparency: We believe in building trust by presenting unbiased results and communicating honestly with all of our stakeholders. We believe our process must be clear, fair, and stand up to rigorous independent evaluation.
  5. Community Partnerships: We believe that our community partners, including schools, religious organizations, government entities, and neighborhood groups, are critical to our success with families. We rely on these collaborative efforts to maximize our impact.

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