Applying to school has been overwhelming for families. You have lots of questions. We've done our best to answer as many questions as possible in our FAQ. Use the search box below to find answers to your questions. Para Español haga clic aqui. Need more help? Visit our Contact Us page.


Applying for Next Year

No. Any current pre-K students do not use their E-School ID for the application. If you try to use your E-School ID, the system will not find your student. All incoming Kindergarten students should be created as new students. If you get a message that says a similar student already exists, select “Continue” and create your student. This is a minor data issue we are working to correct, but it does not impact your application.

You can view the IPS zones and proximity maps on a searchable Google map here.

You can view Herron’s Proximity zones Herron and Riverside Boundaries.

Purdue gives priority to the entire IPS district.

No. Any applications submitted between November 1 and January 31 will be considered together. Any applications submitted between February 1 and April 30 will also be considered together. The time that you apply does not matter. The only factors considered in your OneMatch are your list of preferred schools, the schools’ priority policies, and your random lottery number.

Yes, you can apply during any deadline. If you need a school after the third round, you can visit the Enroll Indy Family Resource Center or a participating school to get a seat.

Yes, IF you are matched to a new school. This is why it’s important to apply only to schools you want more than what you currently have.

You can apply in every window. If you are matched to a new school, you will give up your earlier match, so it’s important that you only apply to schools that you want more than the one you currently have.

The OneMatch system has over 100 schools and thousands of applications. Enroll Indy has to verify several priorities, such as geography and siblings. This gives us enough time to make sure it’s right.

The OneMatch process will consist of two lottery rounds. The application timeline is as follows:

  • Round One – Begins November 1, 2018
    • Deadline January 31, 2019
    • Results Released February 21, 2019
  • Round Two – Begins February 1, 2019
    • Deadline April 30, 2019
    • Results Released May 21, 2019

Late Enrollment Begins: June 3, 2019

Late Enrollment Ends: Start of the 2019-2020 school year

If you currently attend one of the IPS High Schools that is closing in 2018-19, IPS has placed you in an IPS program of your choice. If you’re interested in attending a different school or program, you should use the OneMatch application. You can see your IPS program in the OneMatch portal.

No. There are no longer waitlists in the Enroll Indy system. Waitlists usually cause a lot of anxiety and movement at the start of the school year that isn’t helpful to schools or families. Families are encouraged to apply again if there’s a school they want more. Schools will maximize the offers they make, taking attrition into account, so ideally more students will be matched earlier than they have been in the past.

Yes. For example, if you are a 4th grader at a K-8 school and you apply to a different school for 5th grade and you are matched, you will not be able to attend your current school next year. You will have to attend your new school. You can finish 4th grade at your current school.

Yes. It is possible that you will not receive a match for your student. We encourage you to apply to as many schools as you’re willing to attend to improve your chances of getting a match. If you do not get a match, you can apply again or attend your IPS neighborhood school if you’re in K-8th grade.

Yes, you can edit your application until the current application window closes.

You can apply again in the next round or enroll during Late Enrollment. You can also attend your neighborhood school.

You can apply again in the next round or enroll during Late Enrollment. You can also attend your neighborhood school.

Within 30 days, you need to complete the “Next Steps” listed in the OneMatch portal. If you do not complete the next steps within 30 days, the school is allowed to give your seat to someone else.

If you are not promoted to the next grade, you should contact your future school to determine next steps. You may be able to attend and repeat the grade you’re finishing at the new school.

The best way to get your top choice school is to rank schools based on your personal preference from most preferred (number 1) to least preferred (number 10) and to apply in the first round. Whether you apply to one school or ten schools, it will not impact your ability to get your top choices.

No, schools will not know how each applicant ranked their school.

Yes, you should rank your choices in the order you want them. If there is no room in your first choice, Enroll Indy will try to get you into your second choice, and so on.

No. The number of schools you apply to does not impact whether you get into your first choice.

No. You should only apply to schools you actually want to attend.

You can apply to up to 10 schools in the order that you want them.

No. You can safely apply to new schools without your current school knowing. Schools will not know specific names of students applying to their schools. Each school will be aware of the number of students applying, and general information, such as a student’s grade level.

Yes, all schools will have information and access to the online application so that families can apply there.

You can apply on your mobile phone or in person at the Enroll Indy Family Resource Center (120 E. Walnut St.), at any participating school or at any participating community partner. Click here for a list of partner organizations. 

No. At this time, Enroll Indy is not accepting applicants over the phone, because we want to protect students from having their applications changed or submitted by someone who is not their legal guardian. If you are having trouble applying, you can call Enroll Indy and we will find a way to get your application — either through a community partner or we will come to you.

No. The OneMatch application is entirely online. You can fill out an application on any internet-connected device.

Yes, a permanent address will be required for each student applying unless they have been displaced. If you are offered a seat to a school that gives geographic priority and you do not live within the priority area, you will forfeit your seat. Schools will collect your proof of address after you are matched.

You will need an email address (or a Facebook/Google account), your child’s ID number, and your permanent address/contact information. If you do not have an email address, you can use these instructions [link] to create one. Your child’s ID number is available from your child’s school or Enroll Indy — your child’s ID is often found on their report card or online student portal. Any participating school can also look up your child’s ID number.

Yes. Anyone who wants to attend an Enroll Indy school should apply through OneMatch.

You can complete a OneMatch application anywhere you can access the internet, including at a participating school. You cannot apply directly to a school outside of the OneMatch system — all applications go through OneMatch.

No. You will be matched to a school based on what schools you want, the school’s priorities (siblings, geography, etc.), and your random lottery number. The computer just helps Enroll Indy manage thousands of applications.

An algorithm helps Enroll Indy match students to schools, using their preferences, the school’s priorities, and their random lottery number. The algorithm helps Enroll Indy do the very complicated math of assigning thousands of students to thousands of school seats. The algorithm does NOT change a student’s preferences or priorities. It also does not recommend schools to students. The algorithm used to assign students was built by a team of Nobel-prize winning economists. The results of the lottery will be independently evaluated.

If there are more applications than there are seats for a school, a lottery is used to match students to seats. Students are matched to schools based on three things: 1) The student’s preferred schools; 2) The student’s priorities in a school’s enrollment policy (for example: siblings and geography); 3) The student’s random lottery number.

Yes. You must complete an application for any child that needs a school. You will add all children to your family profile and then fill out an application for each child.

No. Students who want to stay at their current school don’t need to apply.

  1. Current students in non-terminating grades that wish to remain at their school. (Example: A 2nd grader who wishes to remain at their current school for 3rd grade)
  2. Students who wish to attend a non-IPS district school, private school, or any other non-participating school. (Example: An 8th grader who plans to go to Cathedral High School or North Central High School)
  3. Students in terminating grades that want to continue to the next grade in their feeder program. (Example: An 8th grader at Irvington Community Middle School who would like to be a 9th grader at Irvington Preparatory Academy)
  1. All students new to school in Indianapolis, including incoming Kindergarteners. (Example: A 5-year-old attending school for the first time, or a 3rd grader who is new to Indianapolis)
  2. All students in terminating grades that are not a part of a Feeder Program. (Example: An 8th grader at Paramount School of Excellence, which does not have a high school program)
  3. All students who wish to attend a different school in 2018-19 than they are attending in 2017-18. (Example: A 2nd grader at a neighborhood school who would like to attend a charter school for 3rd grade)

To apply for school for next year, you should complete a OneMatch application.

Enroll Indy Basics

The application will have three windows to apply. See Important Dates and Deadlines FAQ.

No, Enroll Indy will not include Pre-K programs at this time.

No, private schools will not be a part of Enroll Indy in year one. For more information on private school options, please visit http://www.i4qed.org/sgo/families.

No, townships are not participating in Enroll Indy in year one. Families who live in townships can apply to Enroll Indy schools using the Enroll Indy application. For example, if you live in Warren Township, but you want to attend a charter or IPS school, you can use the Enroll Indy OneMatch application.

All IPS schools will participate in Enroll Indy. More than 90% of Indianapolis charter schools will participate. For a full list of participating schools, click here.

Enroll Indy doesn’t change policy around enrollment priorities. For example, siblings of currently enrolled students will still have priority when applying to schools. Enroll Indy also won’t make any schools better. We help families through the process, but we are neutral about what schools they choose, and we encourage families to visit schools they have an interest in when trying to make decisions, if possible.

Enroll Indy will empower families to choose school options that are most suitable for their student. Families will have the information they need to make choices, and a simple, equitable process to apply to schools. Schools can plan better for staffing based on real enrollment numbers, and they are supported in reaching the hardest to reach families. The district and charter authorizers will have access to data about what kinds of schools families want. This will be especially important when opening new charter schools or innovation schools. The enrollment process will be streamlined, and provide a simple way and equitable way for families to apply.

Enroll Indy is a non-profit organization that is a partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools, The City of Indianapolis, and The Indiana Charter School Board. Our non-profit board has representatives from each of these organizations. You can learn more about our board and staff here.

Before Enroll Indy, there was no place to gather information about what schools are available in Indianapolis. There were dozens of different applications and deadlines for different schools. In 2015, a group of stakeholders in Indianapolis worked together to identify the challenges families face when trying to enroll in school. They found that it was difficult for students and families to find information on the rules about how the current enrollment system worked. This made it hard for families to participate in the school choice process when they were unaware of their many options, or how to access specific schools. The new process is built to be equitable, efficient and transparent.

The Enroll Indy School Finder is an information tool where families can learn about their school options. The School Finder includes profiles built by schools, as well as publicly available performance data like enrollment demographics and state letter grades. Families can search for schools based on their address, grade level and interest. They can also see what schools provide transportation to their address. We encourage families to verify transportation information with schools if they have questions.

OneMatch is the new school application. Families can apply to up to 10 free public schools on the OneMatch application and receive one school match, hence the name OneMatch.

The core values that guide our work are:

  1. Empowered Families: We believe families are best suited to select the right schools for their children, and we work to remove barriers, provide families with information, and raise awareness of school options.
  2. Equitable Access: We believe that all families, regardless of race, income, or neighborhood, deserve the opportunity to access quality schools that best fit their children’s needs.
  3. Efficiency: We believe in simplifying the school application and enrollment process in a way that serves both families and schools: one application, one timeline, one match.
  4. Transparency: We believe in building trust by presenting unbiased results and communicating honestly with all of our stakeholders. We believe our process must be clear, fair, and stand up to rigorous independent evaluation.
  5. Community Partnerships: We believe that our community partners, including schools, religious organizations, government entities, and neighborhood groups, are critical to our success with families. We rely on these collaborative efforts to maximize our impact.

Enroll Indy is a nonprofit organization created to launch “unified enrollment” in Indianapolis. Our mission is to empower families to select schools that meet their children’s needs by creating a one-step enrollment process, providing families with school information that is relevant and easy to understand, and data to inform school improvement efforts. Unified Enrollment is an enrollment process that allows families to apply to many different types of schools on one application and receive one school match.

Enrolling in School Right Now

You can use the Enroll Indy School Finder to learn about schools. Then you can view the Enroll Indy Open Seat report to see what schools have space. If you’re looking for K-8th grade, you have a guaranteed spot in your neighborhood school. When you’ve made your choice, you can visit the Enroll Indy Family Resource Center or the school of your choice to enroll.

Enroll Indy helps families enroll year-round. If you need a school now, check the Enroll Indy Open Seat report to see what schools have seats. Then, visit the Enroll Indy Family Resource Center or the school of your choice. If you’re looking for K-8th grade, you also have a guaranteed spot at your neighborhood school.

Yes. Enroll Indy helps families enroll in school all year long. If you need a school right now, you can view the Enroll Indy Open Seat report [link] to see what schools have seats in the grade(s) you need. Then you can visit the Enroll Indy Family Resource Center (120 E. Walnut St.) or the school you want to enroll.

Enrollment Priorities

It depends on the school. Some schools give priority to students living in a certain boundary or zip code. To find out about different schools’ geographic priorities, see the policy manual.

No. Sibling priority only applies for siblings who will attend the school at the same time. The purpose of sibling priority is keeping families together, not creating legacy for siblings who aren’t in school yet.

No. If you don’t mind your children going to different schools, you can turn off Family Match.

No, Enroll Indy will try to keep siblings together if you want that, but it is not automatic or guaranteed.

Family Match tells Enroll Indy that it is more important to keep your students together than it is to get your top choices. Enroll Indy cannot guarantee that all students will be able to go to the same school as their sibling, but we will try when you select Family Match. If you want to keep your children together, you should rank the same schools in the same order for all children you want to attend the same school and select Family Match. This means we will only give you schools where your students can attend together.

All schools give siblings priority in the lottery. While this doesn’t guarantee a seat, it means your child will be given a seat before students who do not have a sibling attending the school. If you’re enrolling all your children for the first time and want to keep them together, see “What is Family Match?”

Siblings are children who share a parent and/or live in the same house.

For a full list of enrollment priorities and their definitions, see our policy manual.

An enrollment priority is something that gives a student a better chance at getting into a certain school. Enrollment priorities are set by schools. These might include priority for students who already have a sibling at the school or who live close to the school.


Other Questions/Special Services

Yes, we have materials in English and Spanish, including our website and application. If you are in need of another language please contact the Immigrant Welcome Center, or visit the Enroll Indy office and we will utilize a translation service by phone.

Enroll Indy has Spanish speakers on staff and can be contacted at 317-426-3234. If you need another language, Enroll Indy has partners who can help.

Transportation information is listed in the School Finder. While Enroll Indy strives to provide the best information available, families are still encouraged to contact schools to inquire about transportation.

Yes, many schools have before and after care. This is listed in the profiles on the School Finder.

All public schools are required to provide special education services. If you have particular concerns about your child, we encourage you to speak to the school you’re interested in attending. If you are unable to do that, or you are not getting good information, you can contact Enroll Indy for additional assistance. Additionally, Enroll Indy honors placements made by the Special Education Department of Indianapolis Public Schools.

Schools 101

The township school districts in Marion County have varying policies about whether they will accept students from outside of their districts. You can get more information by contacting your desired township district directly, or you can call Enroll Indy and we will help.

Enroll Indy is not working with districts outside of Marion County yet. If you are interested in attending school within Indianapolis Public Schools or a charter school, continue to use our School Finder to research your options. All schools in the School Finder will accept applications from outside of the district.

If you live in Indianapolis but outside of the Indianapolis Public Schools’ boundary, you live in a township school district. In order to identify which township you live in, enter your address in the Enroll Indy School Finder, and you will receive a message with a link to your school district. It is important to note: Indianapolis Public Schools and all charter schools will accept applications from all students, regardless of where they live. Some schools will not offer transportation if you are outside of a certain boundary, but some do. If you are interested in attending a district or charter school within the IPS boundary, you should complete a OneMatch application or contact Enroll Indy.

Enroll Indy believes families should be empowered to choose the right school for their child. We suggest using the Enroll Indy School Finder to begin to learn about your options. If you are interested in learning more about a school, you can save it to your list, and that school will have permission to contact you. If you’re able, it’s a good idea to visit the schools. Enroll Indy has a list of school events on its website. Here are some important things to consider:

  1. What does my child like? Will this school offer courses that are interesting to my child?
  2. Where is the school, and does it offer transportation? If my child were sick or needed to be picked up, would I be able to get to the school?
  3. How does the school perform? Learn about the Indiana A-F grading system here.
  4. How big is the school? Will my child do better in a smaller or larger program?
  5. How does the school feel to me? Is it a good fit for my child?
  1. Charter Schools – Charter schools are free, publicly-funded schools that are usually not a part of the traditional school district. Charter schools have their own school boards. Charter schools have open enrollment – that means that ANY student is allowed to apply, and admission is granted based on a lottery.  Charter schools can’t turn away students based on special education or language needs. Some charter schools provide transportation and some do not.
  2. IPS Choice Schools – IPS Choice schools (often called “Magnet” schools) are free public schools that offer specific instruction in a specific area, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), International Baccalaureate (IB), Career and Technical Education (CTE), World Languages (immersion and non-immersion), and many others. All IPS Choice programs provide transportation. All IPS high school programs are choice programs.
  3. Innovation Schools – Innovation schools are free, autonomous public schools that are not part of the traditional school district.  They have the authority to make decisions about all aspects of their school – both academic and operational – and are held accountable by IPS for agreed upon student outcomes. The purpose of innovation schools is to allow schools the additional flexibility to make decisions based on the specific needs of their student body.  Some innovation schools are also charter schools.
  4. Neighborhood Schools – A neighborhood school is a school that serves all students within a certain boundary. IPS guarantees each child admission to his or her neighborhood school for K-8th grades. You can find your neighborhood school in the Enroll Indy School Finder by entering your address and your child’s grade. Your neighborhood school will appear in orange.
  5. Private Schools – Private schools are operated by a private organization or individuals rather than being supported by government funds. Some private schools are religious, but not always. Private schools usually require tuition payments by families, but many in Indianapolis accept “vouchers,” which are known as Indiana Choice Scholarships. For more information on the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, please visit http://www.i4qed.org/calculator/qualify. Some private schools provide transportation and some do not. Enroll Indy does not work with private school at this time.
  6. Online/Virtual Schools – Online/Virtual Schools are schools that are operated on the internet and allow children to complete school work from home. Some districts operate their own virtual school programs, and there are other statewide virtual school options as well.
  7. Adult High Schools – Are you or your child 17+ years old and looking to finish your high school diploma? The Excel Centers and Christel House DORS programs allow adults to complete a full high school diploma. If you are interested in these programs, contact the school directly.


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